in.touch 2 edition App Reviews

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The app connected with my spa instantly. The interface is clear, clean and intuitive. I upgraded from the previous in.touch model/app without a hitch.


In a high tech age, the old primaries app connects with my spa and the new app doesn’t.

Doesn't detect spa

In touch home and world both detect the spa on same network. In.touch.2 doesn't. The notes say Ethernet only, but the in touch home app recommended the app upgrade

Does not recognize my spa

I tried everything starting with getting my Bluetooth set up with in.touch 2. Then setting the in touch module on top of my tub and moving my phone at all distances from 1' to 20' and it could never link to the module. All I ever got was the spinning thing in the middle of my screen without any options. After 3 days I tried the in touch world and it linked up instantly, then it linked into my wifi perfectly. In touch world does not appear to be as good as in touch 2 is supposed to be. Wish it worked!

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